October 2020
Oct 254pmCongee and Community: Youth Toolkit for Shaping the Future of the CIDOnline
Oct 261:30pmVirtual Arts for 50+ Dances of the 20th CenturyOnline
Oct 262pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 264pmTeen Service LearningOnline
Oct 264pmVirtual English CircleOnline
Oct 266pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 279amEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 279amVietnamese Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 279amYour Home - Based BusinessRegister OnlineOnline
Oct 271pmVirtual Microsoft certification exams (MOS, MTA, and MTCs)Register OnlineOnline
Oct 271pmVietnamese Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 272pmKeith and Chenoa Egawa discuss "The Whale Child"Register OnlineOnline
Oct 275:30pmVirtual English ClassOnline
Oct 276pmVirtual English CircleOnline
Oct 2810amTrademark Search and Application FilingRegister OnlineOnline
Oct 2811amVirtual Children's Story TimeOnline
Oct 2812:30pmJoy Harjo Book Club: An American Sunrise (Pre and Post-event Discussion)Online
Oct 281pmVirtual Microsoft certification exams (MOS, MTA, and MTCs)Register OnlineOnline
Oct 282pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 283pmVirtual English CircleOnline
Oct 285pmVirtual Workshop: Ideal Career/Career ExplorationRegister OnlineOnline
Oct 286pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 299amEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 299amVietnamese Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 291pmVietnamese Citizenship ClassOnline
Oct 292pm在线中文电脑辅导课 (Virtual Chinese Practice Lab)Online
Oct 294pmUW Entrepreneurial Law Clinic - Virtual Office Hours - Intellectual Property LawOnline
Oct 295pmVirtual Workshop: Team Building for SuccessRegister OnlineOnline
Oct 295:30pmVirtual English ClassOnline
Oct 3010amVirtual Kaleidoscope Play and Learn GroupOnline
Oct 3010:30amVirtual Arts for 50+ Telling Scary StoriesOnline
Oct 3110:30amVirtual English CircleOnline
Oct 311:30pmVirtual Arts for 50+ Mask MakingOnline
November 2020
Nov 21:30pmVirtual Arts for 50+ Writing Fiction - Creating SettingsOnline
Nov 22pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Nov 24pmTeen Service LearningOnline
Nov 24pmVirtual English CircleOnline
Nov 26pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Nov 39amEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Nov 39amVietnamese Citizenship ClassOnline
Nov 31pmVietnamese Citizenship ClassOnline
Nov 35:30pmVirtual English ClassOnline
Nov 36pmVirtual English CircleOnline
Nov 411amVirtual Children's Story TimeOnline
Nov 42pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline
Nov 43pmVirtual English CircleOnline
Nov 44pmUW Entrepreneurial Law Clinic - Virtual Office Hours – Corporate LawOnline
Nov 46pmEnglish Citizenship ClassOnline